Vinyl siding 101- Everything you need to know


Except for the occasional paint job, we normally do not pay much attention to the exteriors of our homes, and because our exterior walls endure many natural factors such as rain, sun and many others, they tend to damage easily. One of the many ways that construction experts use to limit house outer wall damage is by using vinyl sidings. A vinyl siding is a plastic exterior used instead of fiber cement sidings or aluminium sidings for weatherproofing and beautification.


The main component used in the manufacture of Vinyl sidings is polyvinyl chloride, commonly referred to as PVC and UPVC. Since its introduction into the market in the 1950’s by Crane Plastics, an independently owned manufacturing plant based in Ohio, vinyl siding manufacturing has undergone a lot of advancement.

In the early days, achieving different colors on vinyl sheet was tenuous because it was done by hand, fast forward to today where production is consistent and easier because every process in the production line is mechanized. Due to this mechanization, large-scale manufacturing happens on a daily basis, this has led to consistent growth of the industry and popularity of vinyl sidings due to their versatility, beauty, and durability.

Installation and cost

According to The cost of vinyl siding is cheaper than any other outer wall beautification or weather proofing material; this has contributed greatly to the uptake of the product. Some of the factors that influence the price of installation include:

When you are budgeting for a vinyl siding installation job, you should opt to hire a qualified personnel. Although vinyl siding price depends on the material, design and durability, you can expect to pay anywhere from 3.30$-4.48$ per square foot of vinyl. It is important to note that this may vary depending on your locale. As earlier indicated, it is very important to hire qualified personnel for your vinyl installation.

Vinyl Siding

The prices of installation by a licensed, insured and bonded contractor range from 3-5$ which also depends on your locality and labor cost in your locale. To get the best deal, ask for quotes from many contractors and hire the one who gives the best offer without compromising the quality of work.

Installation tips and advice

Other than hiring a qualified person to do your installation, here are a few tips and some advice to help your whole installation easy and fun:

1-Whichever vinyl you choose to install, ensure it should be durable and maintenance free. Some vinyl such as the Alcoa vinyl siding are very easy maintenance as they only require a rinse to keep clean.

2-When performing the measurement procedure for your siding installation, do not be tempted to make estimates, measure everything. Most homeowners are tempted to skip measuring the windows, if you skip this step; chances are you will have a lot of waste material after installation or have less material to finish the installation.

3-Ask for advice- When choosing a contractor, the best thing you can do is to ask for referrals. Talk to family, friends, and other contractors to ensure that you get the best in the field. If you decide to do it, yourself (it is possible) you should also ask for advice from veterans in the installation business and experts to ensure that you have a fine grasp on the installation process before you beginning.

4-When attempting DIY (do it yourself) vinyl siding installation, you must have the correct tools. Using the wrong tool will result in injuries. Some of the tolls required are chalk line, hammer, tape, level, fine blade and circular saw, and ladder.

5-Cleaning the vinyl is the easiest and most endearing part of this installation. With a hose, you can clean a well-installed vinyl siding with as much ease as cleaning a car. Cleaning will ensure that mold and dust that might cause damage does not build up.

For more informations check this video on YouTube

Vinyl siding design and color

Not only is vinyl versatile, durable, and weather friendly, it is also very beautiful. There are plenty of colors to choose from and you can indulge your color palette to ensure that you attain that beautiful outer wall. You can also opt to indulge in a bit of a rainbow color match and choose more than one color on your exterior wall.

vinyl siding colors

The trick to making a statement with color pairing is to choose a good main color (preferably your favorite color or one that captures the ambience of your home) and pairing this with beautiful accent colors. You can use the sidings to achieve a traditional feel, such as a wood surface finish, the Carolina sand finish, the premium pointe, the American dream edge plus many more.

Vinyl finishes unlike cement affords you the flexibility of choosing an outer wall cover that compliments the interior of your home as well as reflect your personality. With vinyl siding, it is possible to achieve a variety of texture, design. The texture of the siding also varies depending on your preference.

Some of the textures commonly available are sealed and sanded wood, but other specially designed sidings such as shingles and shakes are available on request from the various manufacturing firms. Additionally, some of the most glamourous siding designs and colors are not achievable by using vinyl sliding on its own.

In this instance, insulated sidings together with other accessories are used to complement the architectural design of your home. What you can do with the design and color of vinyl siding will largely depend on your imagination and how creative you are.

Vinyl siding manufacturers  in the United States

As we have seen, the ideal way to protect the outer wall of your home is by using vinyl. Very many firms have taken up the manufacture of this very important building material. It is almost impossible to list all of them on this list, use your discretion while choosing a product from any company. One of the most proficient firms in this line of manufacturing in the US is Alcoa.

Alcoa Logo


Alcoa is the manufacturer of Mastic home exterior products, and Alcoa vinyl siding which is very low maintenance, high quality and very durable. Some other firms are:

  • Associated materials Inc.
  • Certain Teed corporation
  • LP specialty products


Of course there are also many other types of sidings like :  Wood siding, Brick or Plastic . One of the most popular house sidings in the United States is also

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